Go ahead – take time for yourself & reconnect!

We all have, as St. Augustine says, thirsty souls. The good news is that God is ready to quench our thirst and longs to reconnect with us.

Join our year-round retreat and events which have been created with working adults and busy parents in mind. We have fun outdoor hiking with prayer opportunities and calm outdoor retreats.

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These event are coordinated by Karla Felix-Rivera, an experienced retreat leader willing to assist your parish, prayer group, and school to explore ways to continue growing in relationship with God.

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There is an “inner monk” in all of us!

“If you lost the taste for prayer, you will regain the desire for it by returning humbly to its practice”

Saint Paul VI

Meet your retreat leader:

Karla Felix-Rivera

Karla lived as a contemplative-active missionary for over 24 years and is a seasoned retreat leader and presenter on theological, spiritual and canonical themes. She is fully bilingual, Spanish and English.

In 2020, the pandemic led her to develop outdoor retreats as a response to the saturated online life and anxiety which many experienced.

Karla continues offering retreats at parishes and retreat centers while also working for the Diocese of Sacramento as a Judge at the Ecclesiastical Tribunal, Bishop’s Delegate for Religious, and canon law professor for the Permanent Diaconate Program. She is currently assisting the Stockton and the Monterrey Dioceses on canonical related issues.

Join her on locally guided retreats or international travel-retreats!

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