My soul is thirsty for you, my God!

We all have, as St. Augustine says, thirsty souls. The good news is that God is ready to quench our thirst if we learn to cultivate a life of contemplation and prayer.

Our retreats are created with busy adults in mind. We know that finding time to be alone and discover God in deeper ways is essential for anyone seeking to live deeply.

Each retreat hopes to lead you into a more meaningful experience of faith and relationship with God. Choose from simple outdoor prayer mornings or special retreat experiences offered at retreat centers, monasteries, and other locations.

These events are coordinated by Karla Felix-Rivera, an experienced Catholic retreat director.

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Prayer is not a chore, it’s a dynamic friendship!

The diversity of people assisting these retreats keeps it interesting and fun. Past participants include: retired adults, stay-at-home-moms, colleges students, pastoral workers, engineers, teachers, lawyers, government workers, principals, self-proclaimed chefs, nuns, deacons, and a few non-Catholic Christians.

Fall and Winter 2022 Schedule:

The fall season speaks of transformation and renewal. This morning prayer experience will introduce us to our personal changes and the many ways God’s invites us to grow through transformation. The wonderful fall crisp air and location will be definitely inspire us!

It is good to give thanks to the Lord! Let us stop to recognize God’s goodness and the so many blessings in our lives. This morning prayer opportunity is on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, perfect for busy adults!

The only real way of getting to know our Mother Mary is by spending time with her! This day retreat is located at the beautiful Mercy Center in Auburn, CA. It is a special contemplative experience of prayer with Our Lady of Guadalupe, it is just what our hearts need!

“Come Lord, Jesus!” This Advent retreat is a great way to end the year and prepare for Christmas. It is held at a monastery which is also a winery. We can’t over-emphasize how wonderful this weekend experience will be.

Does your parish, school, parent community, or catechist need a retreat or workshop? Planning one easy!

There is an “inner monk” in all of us!

“If you lost the taste for prayer, you will regain the desire for it by returning humbly to its practice”

Saint Paul VI

Main Retreat Director:

Karla Felix-Rivera

Karla lived and worked as a contemplative-active missionary for over 24 years. She is a seasoned retreat leader and presenter on theological, spiritual and canonical themes and is fully bilingual, Spanish and English.

In 2020, the pandemic led her to develop outdoor retreats as a response to the saturated online life and anxiety which many experienced. The positive response of those who attended led her to continue combining traditional retreat formats with a touch of adventure. In August 2022, she led the first Women’s Retreat in Yucatan Mexico where women prayed in the mornings and explored the Mayan culture in the afternoons.

Karla continues to create and direct retreats at parishes and retreat centers while also working for the Diocese of Sacramento as a Judge at the Ecclesiastical Tribunal. Periodically, she teaches canon law for Santa Clara University and the Permanent Diaconate Program. She is currently assisting the Stockton Diocese and the Charismatic Lay Movement.

From time to time, there are guest retreat directors who co-lead retreats organized by Karla.

Reach out if you have any questions or creative ideas you’d like to develop together!